Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc.

“Historic St. Andrews, a village by the bay where cultural attractions, entertainment, and commerce thrive.”

The Panama City Commission recognized the need to revitalize the St. Andrews community and in 1989, designated St. Andrews as a Community Redevelopment Area. In 1997, to aid in the revitalization and redevelopment of this quaint coastal community, St. Andrews applied for and received a designation as a Waterfronts Florida Partnership Community under the state’s Waterfronts Florida Program. Through its Waterfronts Florida Partnership Program, the Department of Community Affairs designates communities to receive intensive technical assistance, training and education, and limited financial support to help implement community-designed vision plans for their waterfront area.

In recent years, the St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. has reorganized itself as the Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. and received tax exemption status from the IRS as a charitable organization. Thus, the Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership, Inc. is proud to serve the community as a 501(c)3 organization.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the HSAWP is to advocate for public and private partnerships that elicit the interest of groups and individuals to promote growth, sustainability and economic revitalization within the St. Andrews community, while preserving the historic character and identity of the community. Subsequently, the HSAWP operates and maintains the Panama City Publishing Company Museum and Visitor’s Center, operates The Market at St. Andrews and serves in an advisory capacity to the City of Panama City and to the St. Andrews CRA regarding projects, causes and concerns of the business and residential community within the CRA boundaries.

Key Goals:

  • Increase visitation to St. Andrews.
  • Promote awareness of St. Andrews’ history.
  • Find ways the past can catalyze revitalization.
  • Attract new businesses and developments in keeping with community vision.
  • Employ traditional town planning approach compatible with vision of St. Andrews as an historic village.
  • Promote St. Andrews’ environmental quality and provide for public access and enjoyment of natural resources; promote a clean, green appearance.
  • Maintain a calendar of festivals and events to attract people to St. Andrews.
  • Partner with key stakeholders in St. Andrews who will see revitalization through.

Board meetings are open to the public and held at 7am, the second Wednesday of the month at The Panama City Publishing Co. Museum. Click here to see meeting minutes.

Board of Directors 2019

Robbie Fehrenbach, President

Gradi Morgan, Vice President

Jan JohnsonTreasurer

Tracy Smith, Secretary

Janis Boatright

Sonya Caldwell

Mynde Kelly

Lew Nuckols

Tim Thompson

Commissioner Mike Nichols (non-voting)

Michael Johnson, CRA Director (non-voting)

Michelle Price, Executive Director (staff, non-voting)

Volunteer Partnership Committees

The St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership encourages volunteers to get involved with one of these committees: History, Design & Planning, or Economic Development. The work being accomplished by these committees helps to make St. Andrews a better place to live and work. There are a variety of other ways to be involved, such as office assistance, outdoor projects, and attending periodic workshops. Membership forms and Partnership by-laws can be found online on our Newsletters, Maps & Documents page.

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