November 8, 2023 HSAWP Board Meeting

The November meeting will be held at the Panama City Publishing Company Museum on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, at 8 a.m.

The Mission of the Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership is to revitalize Historic St. Andrews by preserving the historical, cultural, and environmental resources, advocating for public/private partnerships, and fostering community engagement.

1. Call to Order, and Establish Quorum
2. Roll Call and Sign in Sheet
3. Agenda Review
4. Quality of Life
5. Commissioner Street
6. CRA report
7. Consent Agenda
     a. Board Meeting Minutes
     b. Special Board Meeting Minutes
     c. Committee Reports
          i. Museum Committee
     d. Executive Director’s Report
8. President’s Report
9. Executive Director’s Report
10. Treasurer’s Report
11. Old Business
     a. Social District
     b. Bird Trail Signs
     c. Gala
     d. Christmas Lights
12. New Business
     a. Nominating Committee
     b. FMPP Grant
     c. Giving Tuesday
     d. Board Retreat
     e. Slack to MS Teams
13. Items from the floor
14. Adjournment